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  • Petit Spook Out
  • Kate Bowen

Petit Spook Out

Halloween is such an exciting time for kids. The change of seasons, decorations, costume designing, the candy consumption- it all sends them over the moon with excitement! I feel so blessed to have two little home makers who are as passionate as I am about ambiance and celebrating the seasons. Crafting has taken on a whole new meaning this Fall in our house. Art Projects are part of our girls daily routine. On the weekends we get a chance to spend A LOT of time crafting. We brain storm ideas and then spend most of the day gathering materials, assembling the project and then displaying! These pictures are from our home. We had a blast making these decorations together and the girls are SO VERY PROUD of their masterpieces.
This Spooky Tree I must say was their favorite and it was so easy! We went hunting for the perfect dry, "Spook Branch", we sat outside and used watercolor to paint it black. We then we exploring to find the seasonal fresh jack-o-lanterns, filled our mason jar with dirt, mom attached thread to the jack-o-lanterns, the girls hung the orange ornaments on the branches, and just like that we have the spookiest tree on the block. I love this picture of them admiring their work. 
1. Tree branch
2. Black watercolor paint
3. mason jar
4. decorative ornament (we used jack-o-lanterns)
This DIY Halloween Village is also a blast to make and you probably already have everything you need at home! This Spooky Village is the perfect accompany to your Spook Tree. The kids have so much fun talking about who's houses these are and where the witch lives. It is hysterical. Endless use of their imagination.
1. Milk and/or Cream Cartons
2. News Paper
3. Construction Paper
4. Scissors
5. Tape
This display makes me smile. We lived in Massachusetts for 10 years before moving to VT. It is where the Petit Peony Sisters were born, so this Halloween quote gives me a sense of nostalgia. I love New England! I used construction paper to cut out these really easy DIY bats and witch. The girls then tapped them to the wall. We love our paper bats. I made extra for the girls and they glued colorful feathers and glitter poms poms on them and then sent them out to their grand-parents in the mail.
1. Black Construction Paper
2. Tape
3. Scissors
These meaningful craft projects take a lot of time, thoughtfulness, and evoke priceless conversation. I hope you and your little try one of these easy DIY crafts this Halloween Season!
pumpkin garland- (Homegoods); Faux Wood Haunted House (Homegoods); Custom Chalkboard (The Red Envelope); Lumberjack Jammies (Shelburne Country Store)
  • Kate Bowen