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  • Petit Leaf Garland (DIY)
  • Kate Bowen

Petit Leaf Garland (DIY)

Looking for a fun, easy, yet adorable "Thanksgiving Craft" ?! The Petit Peony Sisters have moved on from "Halloween Crafts" and we are in full fledge Thanksgiving mode. This glitter Leaf Garland was so fun and easy. If you live in a seasonal climate like New England you should take advantage of the mild weather this weekend and do this craft outside!
1. Mod Podge
2. Freshly Fallen Leaves (can't be dry)
3. Glittler
4. One pesky little brother
We decided to make silver and gold leaves to hang from our mantel. Kendal, Scarlett & Jack loved running around looking for the perfect leaves. Jack is the epitome of a pesky little brother. They find the perfect leaf? He eats the perfect leaf. They are ready to paint the mod podge on their leaves, he steals all the paint brushes and knocks over the glitter during his exit strategy.
The assembly is simple. You use a generous amount of mod podge all over your leaf, sprinkle with glitter and allow to dry!!
This craft is so simple it will keep even your littlest ones entertained for at least 30 minutes!
leaves: Petit Peony Farm; Little Wooden Picnic Table: Amazon; Irish Knit Hats: Gap Kids
  • Kate Bowen