Inspired by her children and a whole lot of love, Kate Bowen founded Petit Peony in August 2014.

After teaching herself how to sew, and finding great joy in pairing fabrics, the brand steadily grew over the years; from Etsy to an online store and, eventually, being sold in over 100 boutiques and major retailers nationwide.

In May 2018, the Bowen family's world was forever changed. Georgia Claire Bowen suffered a rare cardiac arrest birth and received a life-saving heart transplant at just four months old.

It was at that very moment that Petit Peony's mission evolved.

In 2019, we launched 'The Georgie,' a hospital garment designed to enhance the patient and family healing experience. In 2020, the Bowen family founded the Georgia Claire Bowen Foundation to give back to the medical community that saved Georgia's life.

Now more than ever, at Petit Peony, we celebrate the joy of childhood.
We celebrate the joy of togetherness. We celebrate adventure and milestones. Our time together is a gift and, most of all, we make sure to celebrate each and every special moment.

We love that our designs are a small part of so many families' special memories and time spent together.