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  • Petit Confetti Pumpkins!
  • Kate Bowen

Petit Confetti Pumpkins!

As a working Mom, I'm constantly looking for ways to spend QUALITY time with my petit crew. I spend a lot of time laying in bed at night after everyone is asleep looking for ways to build memories with my munchkins. Crafting is one of our favorite activities. I am also on a mission to create meaningful crafts that are "keepsakes" and can be put on display for all to admire.
One of my favorite bloggers, The Crafted Life- gave me this idea. It is so so simple, colorful and perfectly festive for one of our favorite seasons. You only need THREE supplies:
1. Mod Podge (which I think may be the best crafting supply EVER!) 
2. Confetti 
3. A white faux Pumpkin
Mod Podge is amazing in a lot of ways but most importantly when working with our petits ~ everything must be non-toxic. Our Petit Peony Sisters sat and crafted for an hour doing their confetti pumpkins. Then they spent a lot of time discussing where they would display their masterpiece. They are so proud of their results.
These bright little pieces make great fall decor and most importantly we had a marvelous time talking about the different colors, making patterns, and using our imaginations together.
pumpkin~ Michael's crafts $9.99; Mod Podge~ Michael's Crafts $4; Confetti~ The Flair Exchange $5
Quality time~ priceless :)
  • Kate Bowen