Petit Lemons Make Lemonade

The Petit Peony Sister's love everything about the idea of a Lemonade Stand. Lemonade Stands are a universal symbol of Summer for the young and old. It is also the epitome of independence at ages 2 & 4.
1. Make your product
2. Set up your shop
3. Service your customers
4. Bring home the fruits of your labor to your very own Petit Piggy Bank!
First, they love to make their own lemonade from squeezing lemons and adding (and tasting) sugar in the comfort of their own kitchen.
Next they gather all the necessities for a successful stand: Cups, Straws, Napkins, Two Mason Jars, and their trusty red wagon to transport. Oh, and their Mom to carry the actual stand.
The outfit selection is also important. They discussed the colors they should wear and their was a unanimous agreement that yellow was the clear choice since it would coordinate nicely with their product. I do feel strongly that a Lemonade Stand inspired dress is on the horizon for Petit Peony! The Honey Bee Tunic dress was the obvious choice. Nothing makes me more proud as a Mom to see these two loves working together as a team.
Setting up the stand was the job for the eldest Petit Peony Sister. She is the serious planner who is a bit of a perfectionist (I wonder where she gets it from?!). The littlest Sister was worried about testing the product. 
Even though this stand was set up on a remote dirt road in farm country in VT, these two sisters sold out in 45 minutes! Thanks to all of our bikers that couldn't resist supporting the hard work of these two sisters. And of course the testing of the product helped, and Dad was also a patron. The Petit Peony Sisters were quite pleased with their stand and look forward to their next venture!
Here is the recipe we use . It is simple and delicious and we love everything about Ina Garten and her Barefoot Contessa Recipes.
We look forward to many more stands at the edge of The Petit Peony Farm!
 Red Wagon, Radio Flyer; Lemonade Stand, Land of Nod; Honey Bee Tunic Dresses, Petit Peony
Vintage Red & White Polka Dot Paper Straws, Michael's Crafts


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