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  • Bon Apetit! (peony)
  • Kate Bowen

Bon Apetit! (peony)

This Petit Peony Sister is all about helping out in the Kitchen these days. She also loves staring, poking, and playing in her garden. This simple yet delicious appetizer is perfect for both the children and their parents! It is just THREE ingredients. What is even more appealing, your 4 year old can assemble it!


This little chef, picked, washed and gathered all her ingredients

1. Organic Cherry Tomatoes

2. Fresh Goat Cheese

3. Ripe Avocado

I cut the tops off the tomatoes ( we had a quick outfit change ~ a sneak peak at next season's designs) and our chef got to work. She put about a teaspoon of goat cheese in each cherry tomato and then topped it off with a thin slice of avocado! AND.... Bon Apetit (peony!)


I must admit, she would have had a greater yield if there wasn't so much sampling.

multi color chicken dress - Petit Peony, Little Pig Dress - Petit Peony, Goat Cheese - Vermont Creamery, Avocado - Shelburne Village Market, Cherry Tomatoes - Petit Peony Farm, Blue Trim French Porcelain Plate - Williams Sonoma, Helping Tower - Amazon

  • Kate Bowen