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  • Petit Peony VERMONT
  • Kate Bowen

Petit Peony VERMONT

Today we proudly introduce our new logo! Why did we re-brand? Our designs are memorable, they are worn on family vacations, holidays and birthday parties. We want a logo that compliments our designs. As much as we LOVED our original peony and adorable hand sketched writing, we are looking to build a brand creating memories and evoking feelings. Children adore elephants, they are memorable and classy, timeless and whimsical. Everything Petit Peony stands for. An elephant holding a peony? That is just perfection! 


Why VERMONT? Petit Peony wants to help families create wholesome memories everyday. Vermont inspires our designs. When I design the collections I picture what I envision my two daughters wearing to birthday parties, berry picking, farmers markets, outings to the local farm, picnics with friends. I love photographing my children and I want each outing to be a wholesome memory the family will have forever. It is so easy to have the girls throw on a Petit Peony dress, grab the closest bow and head out!

Vermont is where the designs are created, it is where my husband and I cherish the magical moments our children's childhood, and it is our HOME. 

  • Kate Bowen