This gorgeous Mum and her beautiful mini me are more to PETIT PEONY than just exceptionally loyal customers. Lauren and I have known each other for years. We went to college together at Saint Michael's in VT.  Although we weren't in the same group of friends we always found time to talk to each other around campus. I remember admiring her beauty and sense of style and we would often discuss fashion over a casual beverage. This is a story about how women elevate women.

Sometimes people inspire you who you aren't a part of your daily life, your immediate group of friends, or your family. Lauren is exactly this for me. We have been able to stay in touch through social media over the years. I enjoyed seeing her engagement photos, wedding pictures, maternity photos, and now the memories she creates with her beautiful family. Through these photos and social media I feel as though I know Lauren more now than I did in college. Strange? That is one of the beauties of social media. It connects you with people you are similar with.


When I began posting the dresses I made for my daughters on social media one year ago, Lauren always commented on them. Complimenting and encouraging me along the way. We have similar style and taste and I believe naturally she was drawn to these designs. Last June, Lauren sent me a message on Facebook and said "you really should open an Etsy Shop", "I would buy your clothing." I read this message just after my cousin Meghan was pushing me to do the same after I made coordinating outfits for our children for a family celebration.

After reading Lauren's message, I did just that. I opened an Etsy Shop titled PETIT PEONY for The New England Child. Lauren was one of my very first customers. She bought two outfits for her unborn baby girl! Through the beginning weeks and months of PETIT PEONY Lauren continued to support my designs and my dream of starting a children's clothing line. The next message I received from Lauren was, " I was just at my favorite children's shop, and gave PETIT PEONY a major plug" " you should reach out, I'm sure they would be interested". This boutique is now one of the 14 boutiques who carries PETIT PEONY!

Over the past 7 months I thought of how nice it would be to have a simple tunic dress to offer the Mums of these adorable little girls. I absolutely LOVE throwing on a comfortable yet stylish dress every single day of the summer. This PETIT PEONY Tunic dress seemed like a perfect style for Mum too. I'm not a big fan of "matchy matchy" or too "cutesy".  I wanted something simple, clean for Mum while coordinating with her little. The gray wave fabric was a perfect option for our first Mum tunic. 

Again Lauren was another reason why, I gave this collection a go. The next message, "have you thought about a Mommy and me line." Yes! Yes, I have. Mum & Me is now available online and is doing better that I could have hoped for! Lauren purchased Mum & Me tunics for her trip to Grand Cayman.

When writing a business plan, a question an entrepreneur answers is "who is your demographic" "know your demographic." My friend Lauren is my demographic, I am seeking to cater to stylish women with exceptional taste who have a love for children's fashion.

I truly believe when starting a business you have many people who inspire you to continue to work hard, stay focused and push on. Its not just your childhood best friend, your mom, or your spouse (who of course are extremely important!) It is someone who truly believes in you and what you are creating. Thank You Lauren for being one of the people who elevated and inspired me to work hard to create my dream. I will be forever grateful for the time you took to send me support and words of encouragement.  As I said in the beginning of this post this is a story of how WOMEN ELEVATE WOMEN.



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