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Welcome to ELEVATE, a blog aimed at celebrating motherhood, empowering women and connecting with Petit Peony’s extraordinary customers through raw interviews that we hope will leave our readers laughing, nodding and reflecting along the way.

With our move to Duxbury over the summer of 2016 came new opportunities for Petit Peony and founding owner and designer, Kate Bowen.  Petit Peony opened its first storefront, allowing Kate to begin personally connecting with Petit Peony customers.  The growing business also demanded a growing team, which now includes five women working to take Petit Peony from our beloved current customer base to an internationally recognized label.  


As the Petit Peony team gets to know our customers on the surface, we also want to get to know our customers on a more intimate level.  Our blog posts will take a personal look at Petit Peony customers who inspire us, and we hope to leave you, the reader, feeling inspired along the way.  We want to celebrate women and explore their true identities, and we want to promote ways in with mothers can bring quality into the precious time they are able to devote to their children in an increasingly busy and demanding world.  

Lastly, we want to give customers a look into the Petit Peony world: a glimpse at who makes up the team, discussions of where the company has been, and previews of where it is going.  This is an incredibly exciting journey, and we want to take you along for the ride; we hope that you will join us. 

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Thanks so much for sharing this great information! I look forward to seeing more of your posts as soon as possible!

Luna April 26, 2022

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