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  • A Little Bit About Me
  • Kate Bowen

A Little Bit About Me

My family moved to Vermont about 8 months ago (from the Metro Boston area) to pursue an opportunity for my husbands career. One summer night I received a text message from him while he was at a company meeting asking, "Do you want to move to Vermont". I immediately replied "YES". I thought about it for a split second.... a life without an hour and a half commute to work? Yes Please! A life without juggling a nanny, daycare, back up child care, business travel, sales quotas, the daily rat race that had become our "norm"? YES PLEASE!!

We both wanted to slow it down, create a simple wholesome upbringing for these little muffins we adore so much. Ryan found this house on 5 acres by Lake Champlain in a farming town. After visiting this community and this house we knew we had to make this move happen!

I quit my job at a start up medical device company that I was really loving, sold our 1845 Greek Revival house in a Boston suburb in 7 days, rented a house for one month in our new town to have renovations completed on our new house, and MOVED to VT!!

Ever since the birth of our second daughter, I've been sewing my daughters matching or coordinating "sister outfits" for special occasions. The first occasion was our trip to Mexico when our baby was just 11 weeks old. I found there to be a shortage of coordinating simple, yet sweet outfits without spending a fortune.
Our First Family Picture in Mexico, with the dresses I made the girls.
Over the last 18 months, I've become much more confident in my sewing skills and started sewing clothing and gifts for friends and family. Several times people have told me, "you really need to sell these". I finally agreed after a family get together this summer in NY. My cousin and I decided to plan a photo shoot for our little ones in matching outfits that I made. We have children the exact same age and getting them together reminds us of the summers we cherished as children when her family would visit from Northern CA.
I started the The New England Child on Etsy the day I returned from our family weekend. So far I've been busy sewing custom orders for sundresses, christening outfits, and dresses for baby showers. I'm very excited about this venture and I truly appreciate all the support I have already received from my friends and family. Stay tuned for sketches that will give you a sneak peek into what is next for Petit Peony and The New England Child.
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  • Kate Bowen