NEW YORK CITY - Through the eyes of a child



“These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you” I love these lyrics from Alicia Keyes. NY trips leave me inspired, energized, and happily sent HOME to my cozy, coastal New England town.

Now that the big girls are a little older Kendal (7y) and Scarlett (6y) I was able to appreciate New York on a whole new level; through the eyes of a child. It is rewarding to show my girls the logistics of starting and running a business. I can show them that Petit Peony isn’t just about designing really fun children’s clothing, it is about balance and working really really hard. They understand and appreciate the things we have and do because they see mom juggling many aspects of a business, family life, and ps. another full time job. And lets be honest, it isn’t always pretty! That could be why they pray nightly for me to have a goodnight sleep and a chance to rest. Love them.


When we arrived in New York Scarlett was blown away by the amount of “skidos”. She kept repeating it over and over, when asked she said “that means People mama!” And then she kept repeating skido patito, skido patito, and clearly that meant a person riding a bike. Occasionally we would hear just patito blurted out and that was obviously a parked bike in a rack. It became so funny and imaginative that this “New York” language evolved all weekend with the girls, it was fun to see what they focused on as we explored the streets of New York. They had fascinating questions about sky scrappers, history, architecture, taxis, countless times I said that’s a great question “let me look that up!”


I left this trip feeling energized about showing my girls what it means to work hard, while making some amazing memories. We spent our weekend, hand in hand exploring the sights of New York and appreciating our time together. They loved the simple things like hailing taxis, eating pizza, topping our night off with gelato, and playing cards in the Hotel lobby until 10PM! They loved ordering tea at breakfast, finding hidden toy store gems in Soho, taking a power nap in the restaurant booth, and forgetting their imaginary friend at the restaurant! The most memorable moment of the trip was the last morning, our urban hike up 5th Avenue to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. They couldn’t believe their eyes, and were deeply moved by the shrines to the saints we pray to every night. For many months they pleaded and declared life for Georgia. To please send their baby sister home, heal her in mind, body and spirit, and also heal all the children at Boston Children’s Hospital and all over the world. Today they went to each shrine and sent their gratitude straight to heaven. When we made our way to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, the patron saint against the death of children, Kendal thanked her and said she has another mission for her, to heal her best friend Dean and send him home. Scarlett told Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton that she wants to be just like her, that she is going to be a surgeon and fix babies hearts, send them home with their families.


The past 8 months have not been easy, they have been hard, stressful, trying, putting each of us to the ultimate test. We wouldn’t have chosen this path, but we wouldn’t change it either. Georgia gave us and continues to give the gift of perspective. When asked at bedtime the best moment of a trip to New York City, two little girls said Saint Patrick's Cathedral ("it was so worth the walk in the cold") praying, and thanking heaven for their blessings. I could tell the girls left New York feeling energized, enlightened and thankful. In typical fashion, Kendal hit the pillow hard that night and Scarlett had a hard time falling asleep after experiencing her first trip to the Big Apple.


Hotel - W New York Union Square - I love this hotel, I always try and stay here. Centrally located, feels luxurious yet reasonably priced and great for kids!

Clothing/Toy Store-  Little Moony - 236 Mulberry St (Soho) - this vibrant, unique shop is a gem. Mostly, the clothing is handmade and designed by the owner. She also sources some very cool toys and accessories. The girls absolutely loved the shop. We are excited to partner with  this boutique and offer Petit Peony in this amazing neighborhood! 

Restaurant - Delicatessen - 54 Prince St (Soho) - Such a fun dinner, great atmosphere, food, and the best waiter ever! They were very accommodating to our severe nut allergy. They also didn't mind a sleeping 7 year old in the booth. 

Restaurant - The Irvington201 Park Avenue (inside the W) - The girls raved about their pancakes. They tasted like cornbread with maple syrup, seriously amazing. Also great for kids.

Restaurant - Otto Enoteca PizzeriaOne 5th Avenue - Upscale pizzeria perfect for kids! Great for moms too. Again, amazing with the nut allergy, (always a source of anxiety when traveling with Scarlett) the gelato was delicious and the girls got to be kids, not worrying about upsetting fellow diners!

Saint Patrick's Cathedral - 5th Avenue between E50th and E51st - Amazing experience every single time.