Nantucket Collection

Celebrate the Magic of Childhood on Nantucket

Complement your Nantucket summer with the sophistication, classic styling and whimsical nature of the Petit Peony Nantucket Collection with our Trunk Club service that delivers to your Nantucket doorstep.  

Choose the adorable clothes you would like to arrive during your Nantucket vacation.  At checkout, simply enter your Nantucket address as your shipping address and in the notes section please specify a three day range of dates for the arrival of your package.

*Please note that for monogrammed items, your order must be placed at least 10 days prior to the date you wish for your package to arrive.  

Our Nantucket Story

What happens when two female entrepreneurs living in the same town are introduced by a mutual friend? The Nantucket Vacation Trunk Club is born.
     16 years ago, Duxbury native Heather North-McGraw spent her first full summer on Nantucket where she now summers and runs the business she founded there 10 years ago. After working as a full time nanny for John Edwards' family during both of his presidential campaigns, Heather saw an opportunity to fill a void while bringing herself to the place she loves.  NannyTucket was born. NannyTucket is a placement service that began on Nantucket placing babysitters and nannies with families during their summer vacations.  The company has now expanded across the country, utilizing the 6,000 sitters Heather has personally vetted and interviewed. NannyTucket also assists families in other placements within their homes, such as chefs and housekeepers. 
     Petit Peony designer Kate Bowen has always been inspired by classic New England styles, particularly by Nantucket, a place she and her husband Ryan love and where the couple became engaged.  
     After working for Petit Peony for a few months, Kim Leckie realized there was an introduction she needed to make between her two friends who are both entrepreneurs sharing a love for costal New England.  Kate and Heather immediately connected, each inspired by the other entrepreneur. Creating a service to offer clothing delivery to Nantucket vacationers seemed like a natural collaboration.
     This is just the beginning of the collaboration between Petit Peony and Nantucket.  Stay tuned for the Nantucket Vacation Trunk Club including exclusive Nantucket designs to launch during the summer of 2018.