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The Peach Project

  • Kate Bowen


The Peach Project is a clothing line, directly tied to cardiac research, focusing on improving the patient and family healing experience, inspired by Georgia Bowen. Boston Children's Hospital saved our daughter's life. Without access to the level of care provided by her divinely assembled team at BCH, Georgia would not be here today.
Running is my outlet for creativity, sanity, and well being. My sharpest, innovative thoughts come to me while I'm running. It must be the precious solitude, coupled with the natural release of endorphins, while soaking in the great outdoors. A few months ago I had an epiphany; my worlds collided in an imperfectly, perfect way. Many of you may not know, my career background is in the medical device field (yes I have two jobs), specifically, I am a national product specialist for Intravenous Therapy. Ironically, the products that helped save Georgia's life from the IV pump to her IV catheter, I've represented for 12 years. My base knowledge of the medical field, coupled with intricate knowledge for her IV devices, and opinionated, outspoken (bossy) personality suited me for fierce Mama Bear advocate at Georgia's bedside day in and day out. I stared at her monitor, agonized over the slightest change in heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and heart pressures. I've memorized medications, doses, lab values, and how Georgia's body responded to medical interventions. I participated in rounds daily with Georgia's team of providers (sometimes rolling 25 deep). I can't take all the credit here, my husband has a surgical device background and was at Georgia's side for surgical site dressing changes, walks to the OR, cath lab, countless bedside hours and supported my crazy intuitions. We are a team, a damn good team. 
On this run, I thought how random a successful career in the medical device field and founder of a growing children's brand? While at Georgia's bedside, I designed Georgia inspired prints, and thought of ways Petit Peony could make the patient and parent experience of a critical illness more bearable. I recognized the need for comfort, for Georgia to feel like a baby, despite her illness and all the wires, tubes, and devices she was attached to. I could tell she loved her soft clothes (that I altered to accommodate her medical monitoring), blankets, and a fresh shampoo given by Mom. On this run I realized my calling is to work along side my miracle baby and help change the field of cardiac disease in children. To channel my experience in the medical field and as a clothing designer to support cardiac research, specifically re-generative tissue growth. Re-generative tissue growth can help children of multiple disease states conquer their journey to good health. 
The Peach Project is designed and created by me, our team at Petit Peony, and with advice from Georgia's doctors and nurses at Boston Children's Hospital. Details:
  • Designed for both healthy and healing children (girls & boys) in our breathable soft signature peach fuzz fabric, with subtle features that accommodate patient care and monitoring.
  • IV access – central, peripheral, arterial, ports
  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Monitoring wires
  • VADS (ventricular assist devices)
  • Profits will fund Cardiac regenerative tissue research.
  • Excess inventory at the end of each season will be donated to hospitals all over the country, eventually the globe.
The name Georgia, our sweet peach was fatefully planned. We were unaware of Georgia's heart disease until the day she was born. A peach is a heart shaped fruit. It grows in a delicate climate and must be tended to and harvested carefully.
I believe in miracles, and fate. Georgia was sent to me so we can change the world together. We are on a mission to improve the quality of life for patients who are chronically ill in the hospital, while advancing the field of re-generative tissue research at Boston Children's Hospital.

  • Kate Bowen