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Peach Project Georgia


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      Kate Bowen

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    • Apr 27, 2020

      Dear Bowen Family…

      Georgia’s story has me reflecting on on an event I experienced as a young mother in 1984 when my next-door neighbor & I both discovered we were pregnant. As it happened we both delivered our children on the same day! Caught up in the excitement of welcoming our healthy & beautiful daughter, my husband & I had no idea that our neighbor’s newborn son had been diagnosed at birth with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. At the time only a heart transplant would have saved this little one’s life but “back in the day” this surgical procedure for infants was considered to be “leading edge” and extremely rare. Sadly my neighbor’s baby never came home from hospital & became one of God’s angels 3 months later.

      I share this story with you because it brings me endless joy & happiness to recognize, through Georgia’s story, how much medical knowledge & expertise has advanced infant heart transplant surgery during the past 36 years. By the grace of God, your sweet Georgia Claire is truly a miracle & a precious blessing in our world.

      As for my daughter…after enduring 7 years of infertility (during an era that preceded IVF) she was my “miracle” in 1984 who is now a Doctor of Medicine. Recently she gave birth to her own daughter who will now proudly be wearing adorable outfits created through the Petit Peony-Peach Project.

      May all little blessings in our world “move mountains” with love like your gorgeous Georgia Claire and our sweet Elise Estelle!

      Kind regards, Beth Meyers

      — Beth Meyers

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